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What can I do about the Halloween trick played on me at Hoover Toyotain Birmingham,AL? They say the head there is Gordon Stewart.

When I called today it sounded like I was given his secretary's voicemail and on a speaker phone. Could something be fishy at Hoover Toyota-named Gordon? I'm crying and shaking from this experience. I've never been treated like this anywhere.

Hoover Toyota refused to take my money-even cash! I have a 2005 Toyota Corolla with 70,000+ miles. Every maintenance, repair, or recall part repair has been done with Hoover Toyota since I've owned this car. Once I had to have a fuel pump repair.

It took several days just to diagnose the problem. I had a rental car. All this was paid under my extended warranty. Of course, everything can't go on the warranty.

My deductible and my part of the repair costs for the fuel pump were paid with my bank Visa debit/credit card. But, my friend took the tires for rotation and was told by another service station where I bought my car tires that I needed a strut-mine was leaking. Since I had the warranty and knew this would be a major repair, I thought it best to let a dealership handle this. It's very difficult for me to get off work during the week.

I took the car to Hoover Toyota for my regular maintenance-oil change and tire rotation. When it was time to pay my bill, Mike told me everything had checked out fine with my car. I asked that the struts be checked for leaking. This time-"Oh the driver's side is definitely leaking-he should have caught that".

It turns out the warranty company was closed on weekends. I had to bring the car back during the week. Thank goodness it was not an emergency. It was well over a week or so before I could bring the car in.

This was to re-evaluate things. I was told to bring the car back in during the week for the repair. Only this time, I needed a new drive belt and a brake light, too. I pointed out that none of this was mentioned when I brought the car in for that recent car maintenance.

Also, after my tire rotation my back tire registered a 10 psi. I had thought it was the strut problem making the care bounce, but it was better after air was put in that almost flat tire. Being a single woman, I've had my share of problems with car repairs. I just have to hope I can keep one running without having to pay so much out that I can still eat.

But, when I finally found an opening at work to take the car for the overnight repairs, I was greeted with you must have a credit card to get a rental car. I thought I had a credit card. I can use my Visa bank card as credit or debit. But, they said it has to something like American Express, etc.

I offered cash-no go. That's when I knew something was up. I asked for the manager. Here comes Brandon Carver.

What an ***. When I told him to stop talking about his problems and how he was going to fix mine-he made a call and then said he was in a pickle. Get this-he asked me again if I had a credit card. Tell me who wouldn't lose it after that.

After him I couldn't help but cuss and yell. I've left a message with Mr. Gordon Stewart at 978-2600. He's out of town.

I called Brandon and left a message and called Mike back. They had put a brake light in on that eval visit. I knew I could do that cheaper, but I just let them do it to save time. I said I wasn't a thief and would pay my bill.

Mike had them call me to pay the $27+ for the brake light. That's the last money they'll see form me. Never even another Toyota car-this experience has left me shaking in disbelief. When I called about the break light, Mike said maybe they could have gone with Enterprise car rental-they just seldom do that.

I told both of them when I was still able to talk and not cry that they should have sent a letter out explaining this enforcement about a credit card instead of making me go through this kind of experience. I want the whole world to know. Please help 6- on- your- side. I don't know of anything else to do in this kind of situation.

Thank you.

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